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September 21, 2013
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Rabbito Dauto App ~ Hata Mizuhashi -REVAMP- by TheYamiClaxia Rabbito Dauto App ~ Hata Mizuhashi -REVAMP- by TheYamiClaxia
:iconrabbito-dauto: :iconrabbito-dauto: :iconrabbito-dauto:
This is my app for Rabbito-Dauto! I'll join when it opens <3 Seems a really interesting RP group~

:new: Revamped finally! I liked yukicole02's hair style of Hata so~ here it is =w=

:bulletred: Name: Hata Mizuhashi.
:bulletred: Alias: Silence (In the internet), Ha-chan, Hata-kun/chan, Nii-san (by Gou)
:bulletred: Age: 16
:bulletred: Birthday: 13th of June
:bulletred: Gender: Male

:bulletred: Weapon Choice: Pocket knife
:bulletred: Opinion On What Is Happening:
Hata: ... I don't understand this crazy game... but it seems entertaining...

:bulletred: Relationship's: Mother, father and two brothers (one younger than him and other older than him).
:bulletred: Personality: Can be quiet and serious. He doesn't speak much about him, only does with close people (like his family). With strangers, he stays quiet, waiting to the other start a conversation. Isn't easy be friend with him 'cause he bewares at first. If you're friend of him, he can be a bit friendly and tries to enjoy the moment with the other. With a close person, he can be VERY possesive.

:bulletred: Likes/ Dislikes:
+His hair
+Any type of music
+Touhou games
+Places with not much people
+Stay outside, not in home.
+Be with Gou
-Lonely places
-Places with A LOT of people
-Mean persons
-When someone touches his hair
-Do exercise
-Being embarrassed
-Strong smells (Ex: Colonge. He can't breath well)
-When Gou is more friendly with other people than him.
-Kazuki (Gou's brother)

:bulletred: History: Hata is a boy who prefers being alone or with less people. Lives with his family. Actually, he doesn't like it really much because there are many rules in his house, like going to bed early and wake up early too, do the tasks of everyday, study for highschool, lessons of how be a true gentleman... Doing all of that things bothers him a lot. He only wants to be locked in his room, roleplaying with his internet friends till AM hours. He barely have friends. Only a few unimportant "friends" in highschool.

He thinks he is a yandere boy. He could kill someone if that someone touches or hugs a person close to him. He fabricated his own pocket knife, just in case that happens. He isn't scared at all of killing someone... neither he cares about getting away from his family because of that. 

It's a strange boy. His family brought him to a psychologist because of his personality. He always says: "I am how I am. Nothing would change me, not even a stupid psychologist". Days after his life went normaly, as he wanted.

One day, he recived a message to his phone... a game. He was a bit surprised, thinking if that was spam or just a random game he did download days ago. He pressed "Yes". Nothing happend. He sighed and left the phone on his desk, taking off his clothes and then laying in his bed, taking a little nap.

He suddenly woke up by a cold feeling. He realized he was wearing new clothes, clothes that he never saw before. Getting a bit confused, he looked around, seeing and hearing no one and nothing but dark and silence. He only saw his phone, on the ground. He got on his knees to pick up the phone... and then surprises seeing the screen of his phone.
"Enjoy the game, little rabbit". He knew this wasn't a dream... hell no. He sighed again and put his phone on his pocket again, not noticing the Rabbit's charm on his phone.
"... Oh fuck, I'm in a insane game... Great".

:bulletred: Relationships:
Noriko Tomoka - Friend that wants to protect and appreciates. Right now he's worried about her.
Aysu Terumi - Nato's sister. Has some kind of "bad relation" but wants to protect her since her brother is Nato.
Nato Terumi - A good friend. Likes to be with him.
Gou Nakamura - Boy that completly loves and wants to be forever with him. A day without him is like being in hell.
Mister Wolf - Hates Hates Hates Hates.

:bulletred: Other:
-He's homo and seke.
-Sometimes he stares at people from dark corners or places.
-Sometimes he talks to himself to calm down when he's angry.
-He's completly in love with Gou, but since Gou doesn't feel the same thing, they're just friends.
-He can be agressive with people that hurt his friends.
-"Battle" theme: Warth of the Green-Eyed
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