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February 25
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Happy Tails App ~ Momiji Higarashi by TheYamiClaxia Happy Tails App ~ Momiji Higarashi by TheYamiClaxia
:new: Added an extra and relationships!

My app for the group :iconhappy-tails:~. It's the kind of simple, nice and interesting group I like >u<

:bulletwhite:Name: Momiji Higarashi

:bulletwhite:Age: 17

:bulletwhite:Gender: Male

:bulletwhite:Height: 1'63cm

:bulletwhite:Job: Student of 2nd Year.

:bulletwhite:Partner: No one yet~.

:bulletwhite:Sexual Orientation: Homo (I always make homo my characters I'm sorry *hit*)

Care Taker
Easily embarrassed (Blushes a lot even with a pat)

Momiji lived in a different place before him and his family moved to Pawsville. He lived in a small village, far away from Pawsville. He had 14 years when he moved to the place, because his parents thought it was a nice place to stay, more than they used to live. He started to go to the school that was in that ville and his tests results were always high, since he studied a lot. His dream is to be a teacher for elementary students, since he's kind of a care taker and likes to treat with kids. Though, his dream is to have a dog, but since his mother was allergic to them, they couldn't have one. Momiji lives on his own now in a small apartment of Pawsville and hopes to have finally a dog.

+Play with dogs
+Take walks
+The white color
+Drink milk (to be more tall)
+Take little naps in the park
+Sweets and candy
-When kids are annoying
-Wild dogs
-Failing tests
-Boring books
-Get distracted
-No internet
-Uncomfortable/awkward places or situations

:bulletblue: - Friends
:star:Best Friends

Akihiko Koyanagi - :bulletblue: "Aki-chan is so cute and nice!"
Hatori Mikazuki - :bulletblue::bulletpink: "T-Tori-senpai is so nice with me... u-uhh I got a crush on another g-guy again!"
Luciel Noair - :bulletblue: "Lu-kun is a bit weird... b-but he's interesting and nice t-too!"

:bulletwhite:Extra information: 
He's innocent. Doesn't know anything about gore things or pervert things, except for what he learned in school.
In the weekends, likes to spend the day playing online games in his computer or go out with friends.
He doesn't know that dogs can have a human form.
His natural color hair is black, but he dyed it to white because it was his favourite color.
Wears girl clothes for sleeping.
He stammers a lot when he's nervous.
He's bottom *Shot*
Since he was one of the best and studious boys in his class, some thugs bullied him sometimes because they were jealous.
Wishes to be an elementary school teacher in the future.
When he's really happy, acts like he drank OVER 9000!!!!! cups of coffee.
His theme:…
Happy theme:…
Usually gets crushes easily with male people that treat him well and is friendly with him.
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kiba-chan27 Mar 18, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
asdfghjkl amg he got a crush on my derp ;u; Tori doesn't deserve his love ;u; 
TheYamiClaxia Mar 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
If you see the last extra you will understand why pfff
kiba-chan27 Mar 19, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
pff i saw that but still xD
TheYamiClaxia Mar 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
.. it's destiny *SHOT*
kiba-chan27 Mar 19, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
pff maybe it is xD
kiba-chan27 Feb 25, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
cutie ~ 
TheYamiClaxia Feb 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you~ ♥♥
kiba-chan27 Mar 4, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
welcome ~ 
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